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26-27th September we are moving to modern Expo in Katowice to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event and once again move to a whole new level. Running next edition, we are looking where the limitof our imagination is or where else can we get. Few of that kind of courageous steps we already made in the past, 1st Judge from the US, the rapperfrom New York, build of BMW M4 with @the_kyza, Judge and car from Japan, briefly we are doing what may seem not achievable and it actually comes out quite well.

10th Anniversary commits and brings the first idea. We are inviting 10 special cars, cars which undoubtedly would never reach our event considering thousands of nautical miles, kilometers or other difficulties. As a benchmark take Ferrari Testarossa @kazuki_crossglow straight from Okayama in Japan that you had a...
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